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Life can be difficult! Certain situations can really be overwhelming! I am here to walk with you on the path to good mental health. Through listening, understanding, discussing, and engaging both sides of your brain (the logical one and the playful intuitive one) we will work together on the issues that concern you the most. The path to good mental health takes dedication, persistence, love, hard work, and education. It requires also making choices that are often difficult. Therapy is a two-way street and we are here to work together. My approach is Existential-Humanistic with a strong analytical background. However, I also use evidence-based techniques, art therapy, and EMDR. It would be my honor to help you !

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What MEANS Existential/Analytic ?

My treatments aim at maintaining a careful balance of identifying and addressing problems while also emphasizing existing strengths. I may use short or long-term formats, existential/analytic and/or cognitive psychotherapy,  sometimes accompanied by cognitive-behaviorial techniques and art expressions such as sand trays.

Mis tratamientos buscan establecer un equilibrio entre los problemas a solucionar y las fuerzas ya existentes en la persona. Puedo adoptar un formato de largo o corto plazo y una perspectiva existencial/analitica o cognitivo/comportamental, y puedo acoplar a estas perspectivas el uso de arte y del trabajo con arena.

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In attempting to understand how individuals experience their lives, I have found it helpful to adopt an existential analytic approach. I strongly believe that we all have the potential to experience greater meaning in our lives and that the processes of inner search are inherently transforming. In addition, I believe that we are part of various systems that influence our thoughts, feelings, and  behaviors.

Con el propósito de entender como las personas experimentan sus vidas, adopto una perspectiva existencial/analitica. Creo firmemente que tenemos todos el potencial de experimentar una vida plena; el proceso de busca de si es ya un proceso transformativo. Ademas, creo que somos partes de varios sistemas que influencian nuestros pensamientos, sentimientos, y comportamientos.

How can I help you

The influence of having lived in different parts of the world has given me a complex identity that integrates different philosophical perspectives; by extension, this integration is also translated into my practice.

El hecho de haber vivido en varios países me dio una identidad compleja que integra varias ideas filosóficas. Esa integración es, por extension, transmitida en mi practica y clínica.


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